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We have a new homepage! As our business has expanded over the years we have decided it’s time to give our look a little online spruce up. After all, why trust us with your website if we don’t work on our own as well? We have just recently finished putting the finishing touches on our new homepage. Feel free to drop by at www.widry.com and give us your impressions.

As a limited time offer, we have decided to give a little gift. To those of our users that have registered with our Beta version, they get out FREE UNLIMITED plan until August 2016. This is a free gift from us to you, and isn’t just a thank you, but as an open invitation to check with us and see if there are any other ways we can make your life and business just that little bit easier.

So what are some of these new features we have on offer? First of all, we wanted to give you a new way to introduce yourself to, and connect with, your potential customers. To establish this, we have added a basic version gallery element. Now you can humanise your business and make sure to express your business and yourself the way you want.

Additionally, we now give you the option of attaching a video background to your site, perfect when you have a lot to say and clients that aren’t big on reading. This extra will help you connect with your clients, demonstrate the feel of your business, and inform them about you, all in a completely non-invasive way. It makes a trip to your side more of an event than an average click of the mouse.

But it isn’t only your potential style that we like have upgraded lately. We aim for our services not just to be reliable and look great, but to be easy and pleasant to use. As such we are now proud to offer a new copy paste function. Design, adjust and update your website with just a few easy clicks. It has never been so easy.

Bring more friends to your business with our improved invitation system. Networking has never been this easy, not to mention marketing. Quickly and efficiently increase the traffic to your site and establish connections, all with your one site and our help. Each site now also has Widry branding and we are rolling out the full version of our Widry editor, so this is an exciting time all round. Have a look and a play, and while you’re there, check out our new Widry Premium Plans. All information on the plan and its pricing is now up on our new homepage, and as always, send us a line if you have any questions.


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